Jar Full of Memories

It started with whispers of likes and dislikes from benches adjacent,
And grew to sharing a shoulder under the tree near the playground,

The usual flirting with unusual nicknames,
The scary chuckling of yours(though cute)

The stupid book fights
And the even idiotic scribbles of ink on books, hands, and shirts

The long nails that you used to pinch me with, and cried like a baby when I avenged,

Chocolate won’t do,
you love those heart shaped toffees,
I usually had a couple of those in my pocket,

The death stares of teachers on our continuous babbling,
Still not enough to ensure our silence

Your daily stories of proposals and list of fallen Love Doves,
That just couldn’t make the cut,
And you had to clip their feathers with a rejection

All of this and lots more,
A day with you is well spent, laughing, crying, fighting, flirting, teasing and all kind of emotions,

all worth keeping in a jar, like candies with flavors of your sweet memories…..

Pranav Drolia


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