Young love Vs Old love

When we fall in love for the first time, and the warmth envelopes our heart, when every pump of our blood feels like a drug that keeps us high, our mind is always excited with the thoughts of our supposed perfect half, a stupid smile plastered over our face as we let our imagination wander to a mystery land and create a perfect life with them, some possible, some not so much, the love is young and we are scared and possessive of the way we feel with them, that we won’t get this ever again, we won’t be this happy with someone else, we want this to last our whole life because we think love happens once in a lifetime. And as these feelings begin to fade away, we are frightened that it won’t last and we aren’t meant to be or we fucked up, and it eventually breaks and we mourn our dying love for days.

As we grow old, we realize that love is not perfect, neither are people, love happens again and again, because it’s what our heart is always seeking for, the feelings can entrap us anytime, and that’s when we realize, we were addicted to the emotions that comes with love not the person, we can love a thousand times. But, it only works a lifetime when we aren’t afraid to lose the love, that’s when we know this person is the one we have been waiting for all along, and trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Pranav Drolia


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