Waiting for a Ray of Hope

Chained to nothingness
Clawed to death,
Caged in by loneliness,
I found myself engulfed
In Blackness and blankness

Still to my place, I recall
what I once forgot,
sins, committed
feelings, wounded
promises, broken
dignity, lost

Fear take over me
Of being forgotten
And despised
It clenched my heart
leaving me paralyzed

Void of all emotions
I think,
About losing my existence
that darkness
cold as death
would consume me

from what it seems
I was
moving, yet felt numb
breathing, yet felt choked
living, yet without emotion

refuge is what I seek
from the perils of my deeds
but wherever I look I still find myself
sitting in an isolated dark world
with no way out

A world of chaos and noise
of unbearable pitch
And abusive speech,
Pain growing with time

I feel something
Closing onto me
My heart thumped harder than ever
Anxiety leads me out of breath,
As, I feel my end is near

I hummed a silent prayer
I don’t know to whom and where,
but the hope is still alive
to be heard,
and cared

Pranav Drolia


18 thoughts on “Waiting for a Ray of Hope

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I feel the same way sometimes… majority of the time. But I put aside my ego to allow the people I still have in my life to enrich me. If you accept that its okay to trust and be vulnerable with certain people, then it would be time to leave your comfort zone and enlighten your life. Im speaking from experience.

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    1. I wrote this poem nearly 4 years ago, when I was depressed on what was happening around me, from then I learned a lot of things. Also, the fact that when I write about my feelings whether good or bad I feel accomplished. 🙂 happy that you liked it….

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