Silver of the Moonlight

As the stars align,
I walk down the path of moonlight
The silver, washing on my face
cleansing me with its glazeโ€ฆ
The silence of the night invites me to cherish the beauty of this light
But at unease I am, trying to search for something,
something that my mind needs, heart feels, but eyes does not see,

In that night walking down the beach,
I hear something far out of my reach
A lullaby echoes about the princess of the sea,
With every wave that breaks anew,
My soul drifts towards the song pure as dew

Waves touch my feet with every rise and fall,
Inviting me to a kingdom unexplored,
The breeze wafting slowly along the shore
Soothing every time it passes,
By its cold but comforting caress

Then, at the end of the visible sight,
Where the sky and the sea meet
I see an un-earthy creature walking towards me
Un-earthy as it did not have a definite form
Just a shifting illuminating light of fog

An aura of cool happiness was what filled the place
The strange feeling grew as it approached
Slowly making me feel better about my world
Weird as it was coldness being linked with happiness
The cold was not biting but rather inviting

The creature stood inches from my face
It’s clear aqua eyes, gazing into mine
To do a task he was destined to
To find a lost piece in me

There was a strange familiarity to the mist
As if I had know it long before
As if it had been a part of me
That I had lost it long ago
To reunite when the time comes
To be one

And as I thought of this
The mist enveloped me in an embrace
A lightness surged through my body
Lifting me, off my place
I feel connected,
Connected to a world
Unknown to the eyes,
but familiar to the Soul

By now, I know I have reached the ultimate destination
That everyone will reach one day
Peace of mind and solitude
In finding what is lost inside you

Pranav Drolia


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