When Love is Unexpected

What’s left in life,
if we hurt the one we truly love
If we make our self so detached
That we can’t feel anything anymore

I sit on the roof hugging my knees
To search that path lost in night
Gazing stars infinite
To find an Omen or a clue
That brings me closer to you

I meet you in my dreams
To see those deep alluring eyes
To feel the soft touch of yours
To hear your sweet voice

But all I see is
The Tears I gave you
Feel The way I neglected you
Hear The sharp words I spoke

I never expected anything for me
Someday , someone will care about me being down
Will try to make me happy just because it makes them happy

Unexpected happened with an equally unrealistic circumstance,

I fell in love with a girl who loved me back
And that’s when I realized love is not just about giving, it is also about accepting,

Forgive me(though not worthy at all) for I did you wrong
But I was too scared to accept what I never got….

Pranav Drolia


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