The Heavenly Fire

The fire burns bright,
With an unearthy glow,
Shimmering light on our bodies
The warmth keeps us from cold,

Our skins touch a little
Your hands on my sides,
A spark of thirsty illumination
And that’s not where it dies,

For I see in you eyes
A halo of golden light,
I know it might kill me
But I won’t let you out of my sight,

Your face inches from mine
Yet you seem so distant,
Our lips graze each other
Fixing as pieces of puzzle,

Bolt surge through me
Numbing my mind,
For all my worries seem to
Burn away for a while,

I know you’ll pull back
Before you even do,
I know why you did it
But I already long you even more,

Wisps of smoke cover us around
From burning Desire of our trapped souls,
I know you won’t touch me again
Least the heavenly fire burns me away….

Pranav Drolia


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