Meeting An Unknown Celebrity

My mom wanted to meet this guy, he’s quite famous all around the world. So, we drove for 4 hours early in the morning, just to meet him. We could barely make it to him as it was around closing time and I thought, we will not be able to make it. But, luck was on our side as we struggled in the shuffling, shoving and sweating crowd of his fans. We finally reached the hall, the door to his quarter was closed and it was located high on a platform, the area was filled in with hordes of people even when it was closing time. Gaining a vantage point, we waited in the humid pool of crowding men, women and children all desperately waiting for one last glimpse for the day, 7min seemed likeย  7 years in that hall. And then, finally that moment arrived and it arrived withย  every being in the hall raising their hands and shouting his name, the moment was intense, as the whole area suddenly surged with an adrenaline rush and went ball crazy. In that chaos, I could hardly make out anything, I tried to get a glimpse, but was pushed around by the much enthusiastic crowd. I couldn’t hear anyone speaking, I assumed that he might be a silent person, smiling to such splendid gathering just to his own(such a humble man). After a short while, when the energy toned down a bit, I saw a bald man except for a pig tail, wearing orange clothes. I thought this was it. I finally saw him!!!! But then, there were more like him, all around on the platform. Collecting gifts from the fans and returning some of it back. Rest, all I could see was a silver plank with a picture of a very beautiful person, with people throwing coins and flowers at it….. It wasn’t a person or any being just a photo. I thought it must be a mistake and I sure missed him, but children were shouting “I can see him, I can seem him, look father, mother!!!!” and I followed their line of vision but every eye, finger or nose, pointed to that one plank situated deep within a dimly lit quarter….. Have I been cheated? Fooled? Or I could not see something all those people could. Surely, there is some play and I couldn’t solve what it was…. So, I slumped and came back home with my family who were more than happy from this experience.

Everyone called him God :/

Pranav Drolia


10 thoughts on “Meeting An Unknown Celebrity

  1. I really agree with the point you have raised. How can people believe in something they have never witnessed. They believe in this god, who is looking after all of us. He guides our activities and punishes the evil. In India, there are atleast a 1000 gods and goddesses that are worshipped. Every other day we engage in pujas and what not. In this way, I have seen people losing faith in themselves. I believe there is a fate that is guiding us. But the concept of worshipping a picture seems to be stupid, somehow.

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    1. Truly, but it’s not all lopsided as we see it, yeah, there is blind following in every religion, but what you can also see that the religion was never meant to be like this, the main focus of religion was to generate hope into people and that can only be achieved by meditation, you see how all religious prayers are kinda the same, we have to close our eyes and repeat a certain humming sound that aligns the energy that surround, whether it is Salat in islam, Omkar in Sikhism, A Christian group prayer or even the continuous enchanting of OM in Hinduism, Religion was meant to make people happy and have faith, but as always we don’t know what went wrong in history but I guess it involved a lot of greed and thirst for control over the masses ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. No ๐Ÿ˜› it actually tells that I never met anyone but people take it as such a huge blessing in meeting a picture/idol/resting place, of someone that is suppose to control our whole world which is confirmed to us by people who never met him ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I. Really enjoyed this. Call it a lucky guess(lmao) I had a feeling just a few lines into it, it was going to be God. Religion was never meant to be like this because it wasn’t meant to be. Jesus being the pure love he was unfortunately never got to complete his full mission as he was betrayed and killed before he could. He may have written his own book(Bible) with his pure truth and not what was written by his “friends” which were ironically the ones who betrayed himm. God created man, man created religion. They say seeing is believing, and ask how can you believe in something you cant see. Well I ask “do you believe in love” because I cant see that but I believe in love more than I believe in myself and my love evan though I can’t see it I believe. Xx

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