When I broke myself

Why did I even do that?
things that doesnโ€™t define the real me,
but I do that anyway because
it is the easy way,

And I think, how is it difficult to be who you are, and easy to just go along with what the society tells you about yourself,

How could I let someone else define me? Name me? Scar me? Break me?

And mold me into something I despise,

Maybe because, what I believe in might not be understood? So, I fear that the way i define myself, might not be the way society will accept me, I fear being misunderstood. I fear being different, I fear of being who I am

Or, am I just lazy? When I let others label me with their judgmental stamps, just because I am too broken to explain who I really am or what I really mean?

Now, I don’t really know who I am anymore….

Pranav Drolia


13 thoughts on “When I broke myself

  1. I believe that sometimes we don’t even know who we are … We have to find ourselfs, we’re always changing, right? And, tough i understand how you feel, i suggest you to be only what you want to, i know it may be hard, but you’re never too broken to try

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