We Live with Demons

We spent useless hours and effort in locking our doors, safes and windows to safeguard ourselves from the evils of the world, demons and monsters lurking in that dead cold alley you happen to glance walking down to your home, where you think you will be safe,

Are we really safe?

Demons, The word conjures a figure in our mind, of something unpleasant, tall, dark, thin, claws, red eyes, blood, sinister smile, jaws…..

Scary!!! Huh?! But, what if I told you, we all live with them, each and every day, you greet them, eat with them, talk, walk and even sleep with them.

But, where are they?

Remember the last time you were angry? Blood boiling, fist clenched, veins pumping hard against your skin, sweet drenched your forehead and all you could think were things that involved, breaking, hurting, burning even killing….

You remember that, But you also know that wasn’t you, that was something alien, something familiar but long forgotten, something suppressed, hidden, banging at the back of your head to let it out, hissing at you, burning your ears, drying your throat and making your eyes sting….

We fear weapons, war, murderers, killers…. But we forget that those things are made by us, humans, and we are those humans, that kill, rape and burn cities down.

how long will it take for that banging to finally cease, or is it that the door has finally snapped and the demon is free?

Pranav Drolia


22 thoughts on “We Live with Demons

  1. Oh man!This sure is scary as hell.I mean,I totally agree that the demons reside inside of us.They always have,and they always will,I guess.:/
    What is terrifying is the last line. That is one frightening way to end a piece about DEMONS,don’t you think?
    Even if they reside inside of you,anything that you have always visualised as a part of a horror movie,and it breaks free?Now that’s something which would give you goosebumps.

    Overdramatic? πŸ˜›

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  2. Reblogged this on Musicalynotes and commented:
    This is an example of a true burden that has the power to be in anyone’s usual daily lives. Don’t be the demon , be one of the few Angels roaming around the earth trying to defeat a battle the world cannot yet see. πŸ™‚

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    1. The thing about short tempered people is that, they cool down as quickly as they get angry, it is bad when people get angry on every small issue but have you seen people who hoard up all the anger against someone for days, months or even at times years, it is not good to either be on the receiving end of that anger or at the delivering end of it, because the kind of chaos that creates cannot be cleaned up no matter what you do….

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      1. Tell me about it. I used to be scared of someone in school because one day, they just exploded on me. I was terrified to talk to any one for a week! That kind of anger is terrifying!

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