Things we do

We kill when we are angry,
We kill when we are offended,
We kill to take revenge,
We kill to prove a point,
We kill to defend an entity who we have never met in our whole life,

An entity who’s all powerful yet weak to help,
An entity who’s omnipresent yet can’t be seen,
An entity who cares yet doesn’t rages on the heinous acts of its creation,

And we slaughter in its name,
To fuel our bigoted beliefs,
To force our narrow thoughts upon those who disagree,
And assume he will be happy to see its creation bleed,

It may be far from now but not unseen,
A future of pain, hate and despair
When we won’t cry on the deaths of our brethren,
And accept it as our Destiny,

When that day arrives,
when the sun will help rot the fields of dead bodies,
I hope we don’t hesitate and cry,
And question the things that we did in the name of that entity.

Pranav Drolia


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