The sun is sinking into the horizon,
as I dig my feet deeper into the sand,
the warmth soothes my nerves,

the ocean dances with the rise and fall of the tides,
I close my eyes,
As the breeze fingers through my hair,
skin red from taking in all the sun,
and the wind tip toes over it,
giving me goosebumps,

The amber glow,
fading away,
As the Night arrives,
Washing away,
light and warmth,
As the moon glows the sand,
Draping it with frore.

I stroll towards the waves,
Hoping for a swim,
But, I stub my toe,
And stumble to my fall,

I snap back to reality,
As I hit the side of my desk,
I dozed off tired and strained,
Hoping to find an escape….

Pranav Drolia


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