When a soul breaks

Have you ever been injured? A cut, a bruise, a broken bone, a muscle pull, a sprain or any other such thing that leaves your body not functioning the same anymore, a hindrance which leads you to not respond to your physical needs properly,

what do we do then, do we let it stay like that? or do we go see a doctor to fix us up?

Then why do we not pay attention to the mental trauma that we go through, disputes, breakups, feuds, martial problems, divorces…..

I’m not saying we are weak, it’s never considered weak toΒ seek help, then why are we hesitant to talk about it, just because the injury isn’t visible, doesn’t mean it should not be treated,

A broken soul is much more dangerous than a broken bone or a cut, it’s infectious, it spreads through you veins, drying your body inside out, killing your true self, making you into a living dead,

Talk about your soul, it need repairs, not specifically to go get a treatment from a psychiatrist, which you should at times, but just pour your soul out to someone you trust and someone, that won’t judge you for that, you need to heal, don’t be afraid of yourself,

We need help, Ask for it…

Pranav Drolia


11 thoughts on “When a soul breaks

  1. Wonderful…..
    I agree with you! Broken souls are much more damaging than a broken bone. It needs to be soothed. It needs as much care..perhaps more! Else things could be truly disastrous!

    You’ve said it in such a beautiful way! I love your posts. They are right from the heart. πŸ™‚
    Keep bringing more…

    Liked by 2 people

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