I don’t even know ,
why I am doing half the stuff I am doing now,
I feel lost and tired,
everything is in an abyss,

I cannot create anything,
it’s so confusing,
I’m losing the inspiration that I had,

my mind is breaking,
graining away like two stones rubbed against each other,
proving nothing useful yet damaging
It’s so frustrating,

I can’t even scream my lungs out,
I rub my eyes hoping that it will bleed, but they have dried out,
and my vision seems bedim,

It was all going well,
Then my heart started knotting inside,
I don’t even know when it started hitting me,
harder and harder,

I thought I’ll lose myself at every blow,
The banging in my chest now burning,
And I feel it consuming me,
Slowly, eating away my soul,

Tired! Not from exertion,
Not from the sleepless nights,
But, my life is exhausting,
And I long for a break.

Pranav Drolia


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