Bedtime Poem

You linger on my fingertips,
As your redolence marks my body,
I could taste you on my lips,
As I Drown in your soul,

My nails etch a story your skin,
Your teeth paint me red,
Warm breath and heaving chest,
You nuzzle close to my neck,

Pulling loose strands of your hair behind,
I slowly caress your cheek,
You smile with a knowing mischief,
Giving me a quick kiss,

Propped on your elbow,
You lock me in your gaze,
shushing me with a finger,
As I am about to utter a phrase,

Leaning in,
I feel you smiling on my face,
As you graze your lips on it and say,
“I know, I love you too”

Pranav Drolia


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