Outside the Closet

The walls are closing in,
I’m trapped in my own mind,
My face stings a little,
As you slash at me again,

The metal cold as your heart,
Leather whips as you bring it down,
It has been days,
Since I felt a thing,

My skin black and blue,
Traces of your concern,
You say it is for my better,
Yet I feel so wrong,

I was scared before,
To tell you the truth,
To break down the walls,
That I unconsciously built,

I felt suffocated,
I felt caged,
But, could I ever know,
These walls protected me,
From a monster disguised as love,

I still remember the look you gave,
Your eyes had shame,
Your mouth raged,
Your tongue spew poison,
Your hands raised,
Tainting me,
Breaking me,
Could you make me feel any worse

It’s been months since that happened,
I still am, what I was that day,
You tried to beat it out,
You tried to scare my identity in,
All you tricks have failed

Yet you won’t understand,
The child you gave birth,
The child you raised,
The child who you loved,

Is now being struck by your misguided hate…

Pranav Drolia


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