The Creaking

I woke up with a start, on the left side was the door which stood ajar and on the right was the window wide open. I was in my bed sweating, it was a hot summer night probably mid-june, but it wasn’t the weather that woke me up but the strange creaking sound of the door. I hated that noise that’s why I shut my door to not let that happen, but the stupid handle was broken, a slight wave of wind could open it, probably if I breath loud enough it would open it. Frustrating!!!! I couldn’t close the window or it would be too hot to sleep, so the next thing I did was to bar my door with the chair, I drank some water and went back to bed, after a few moments when I was slightly in a trance sleep, I again heard the sound, I threw my blanket in frustration and sat up to look that the door was already closed and there’s no sound. “Probably my mind playing tricks” I said to myself, I calmed myself and “hmpf!! Now where is that damn blanket??” I looked down the right side of my bed “found it” and grabbed it, I pulled it and felt that it has stuck somewhere, probably on a nail or something on the underside of my bed, UUUHhhh!!!! I pulled with all my force(I was seriously pissed by now) and suddenly, I felt a strong tug and I fell on the floor, I hit my head and everything went unfocused for a moment, then again I heard that sound “Creaaaaaaaaaaaaak” a long and very loud one. I shook my head and looked under the bed and what I saw was two red dots and tip of something very sharp, MOVING…………



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