Feeding the right wolf

I try to keep myself as distant as possible from religious beliefs, drama, hate, views etc but being an Indian not having an opinion on religion is like having a Facebook account but not stalking anyone..


The past week has been a turmoil, both for the world and on an individual emotional level, I see people fighting, an organization killing other and fire is retaliated with pouring gasoline…

While all this is going on, you can see a lot of blame game going on, it is usually the nature of us humans to blame a problem on someone, to ease out our conscious, the prime target these days is the Muslim community around the world, claiming that Islam is the one that teaches them to spread hate and terror, that all of them are terrorists in disguise,
Maybe my veiws aren’t agreed upon by majority of the population, but let me explain my point with an analogy in a short historical incident…..

In 1939, when the 2nd world war was in its prime, Albert Einstein had growing concerns over the experimentation of nuclear fission energy by the Europeans, which if feasible, could ultimately land in the hands of the Nazis, raising his concerns he wrote a letter to Franklin Roosevelt on how it would be catastrophic if the Nazis could develop such a weapon, and urged him to harness the power of the atomic bomb before the Europeans to gain an advantage, now Einstein only wanted them to develop the power before it goes in the hands of Nazis so that Americans could have an advantage, what the Americans did do after they harnessed the power was bomb the shit out of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Now atomic energy can be used to generate electricity and provide power to the whole city or used as a bomb to kill people….

Reading and understanding parts of Quran I can tell that, it does not actually promote peace or violence, because on one page it tells you to kill people of other beliefs, while in other it condemns any sort of killing, its your understanding and morality that makes you choose the parts that you wish to follow, just because there are thousands of Extremist Muslims out there killing innocents, I won’t close my eyes to millions of peaceful Muslims who want to live a simple life as you and I want to, free from constant hate that is spewed on them from every side, blamed for things they apparently didn’t do, every German is not a Nazi, every Christian is not a Klu Klutz Klan member, neither is every white guy going around shooting Schools and theaters or not every African American wants to mug you, not every Hindu goes around tearing down buildings and beating the shit out of people because they ate a different kind of meat, not every Buddhist monk is killing women and children in Myanmar,
but apparently everyone likes to blame

while I don’t consider religion to help me, but a lot of people tell me it helps them have hope and something to hold on to, and some of them are my friends, while I do not promote religion, I wouldn’t be the one to judge on it either, and if you are one of those to hate an entire community of people just because of some arseholes then please feel free to go fuck yourself….

Pranav Drolia


2 thoughts on “Feeding the right wolf

    1. Thank you, and maybe, maybe not, some people don’t consider religion to anything in their life, some take parts of it they like and form their life around it, so isn’t bad for those but sometimes blind faith and irrationality takes better of some people and that’s why see so much problem with religion…..


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